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  1. Certificate on Gandhian Methods starts on October 1, 2017--it includes residential time at his study center at Sevagram, India
  2. Master of Arts degree in Social Change that starts in August 2017 for persons with an Appalachian focus, or the class starting January 2018 with an international focus
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Grow the Change You Wish to See

Are you looking for ways to promote positive growth in your community?

Skills and tools are available to create successful change with your fellow community members by using the most abundant resource already available: your energies, combined with those of your friends and colleagues.

Peers and mentors discuss community change examples across Appalachia

Schedule :

  • Weeks 1-5 - Identify and learn from local resources and successes
  • Weeks 6-9 - Prepare for and initiate local action
  • Weeks 10-12 - Monitor and adjust actions to achieve and sustain local goals

Time commitment : 2-3 hours per week for overview of content; 8-10 hours for in-depth study

Certificate description: Individuals in their communities must accept collective responsibility for ensuring a more just and lasting future. Together with members of your community, you can act now-without waiting for policy change, grants, or even inspirational leaders-to work toward and secure the future you hope to realize.

Grow the Change You Wish To See provides devoted change agents with a set of flexible action-oriented tasks, filled with tools, activities, and ideas. Whether you are hoping to use this course as a launch-pad for your very first community improvement project, or you have years of social change experience and would like to improve the effectiveness of your existing organization, engaging with the content as well as with your peers will offer many unique opportunities!

Learners engage in multi-cultural dialogue on the process of community change

In this certificate, you will learn how to foster:

  • Collaborative leadership: How to build a community-based team to realize change without waiting for inspirational leaders to take charge;
  • Community-led development: How to identify, and ground your efforts in existing successes, strengths, and resources;
  • Effective action: How to develop a realistic action plan and monitor your community’s progress towards its goals;
  • Behavioral change: How to harness human energy for observable community change;
  • Positive growth: How to evaluate your progress for continual refinement

This certificate course is built upon the framework of a time-tested method of community-led development. The SEED-SCALE theory of change (see: was developed a quarter century ago and has been successfully implemented in 40 countries and countless communities around the world. Sustainable community-led change always begins locally- with a SEED- like a plant growing in its native soil. Then, by continually harnessing human energy and gaining momentum, this local change can be grown- to SCALE- and adapted to larger contexts.

At Future Generations University, our mission is to teach individuals how to enable a process for achieving equitable change that empowers communities to shape their futures. We have been training the world’s social change agents for over a decade, and are now providing a new hands-on learning opportunity for individuals who are eager to generate positive change in their communities.

Learning about building from successes in rural India
Course instructors: This course will be facilitated by a team of Future Generations University’s leading instructors on SEED-SCALE, led by Meike Schleiff with lectures and discussion by Daniel Taylor and Luke Taylor-Ide. You can elect to enroll in this certificate program as an academic course to earn graduate level credits, or simply pursue a certificate of completion. If you choose to earn credits for your participation, you may apply these towards the university’s Master’s degree in Applied Community Change (see: www.Future.Edu).

Cost : A $150 (non-refundable) registration fee grants access to online content. A certificate of completion is available for an additional $200, to be awarded upon satisfactorily completing required activities, discussions, and/or assignments. Total cost of the certificate is $350.

Travel : This certificate does not require travel outside of your community, but it does require engagement with people in your community!

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